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Why Siddi Classes?


  • Progressive teaching methodology
    Our experienced faculty use unique and reliable teaching methods to illustrate understanding of core concepts and train students on study techniques to improve on speed and accuracy.
  • Limited seats (30) in a batch
    We believe in quality over quantity. The limited number of students in each batch helps maintain focus and engagement between the student and the teacher.
  • Robust curriculum
    Our curriculum is specially designed to nurture and enhance the conceptual, comprehensive and analytical abilities of students. Study material is regularly
    updated by our faculty with latest topics and concepts.
  • Focus and individual attention for students
    Classes are conducted daily for 5 hours which are followed by counseling hours and doubt clarification sessions. Students are encouraged to enquire and explore any clarifications on concepts taught.
  • Systematic scheduling of study hours
    Micro-managed study hours help our students practice the different techniques and concepts taught in classrooms.
  • Excellence through competitive peers
    We strive to grow and maintain healthy competition among students. This instills the necessary resilience and motivation in our students to be able to tackle the stress of preparing for exams.
  • Consistent engagement of parents
    We keep all parents posted on their wards performance through email/phone and host regular parent-teacher meetings.
  • All round support and nurture
    We support all our students academically and more importantly, emotionally to build on their strengths and confidence.
  • State of the art facilities
    All classrooms are fully air conditioned. The center is equipped with all essential facilities to provide a conducive and safe studying environment for our students.

for academic year 2018-19