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Hostel Facility


We at Siddi Classes understand the needs of a student who is residing away from his/her home, the need for a home. We understand when a student is preparing for competitive examinations, what kind of mental stress he/she goes through. When he/she comes from tightly packed schedule of school/Siddi classes he/she requires a comfortable environment to relax, hygienic and nutritious food to keep mentally and physically strong, comfortable and good environment to study and more than all that he/she needs somebody who can listen and support him/her and somebody who can guide. 

We understand the difficulty of our students to prepare for competitive examinations specially those who do not reside in Bangalore. Our endeavor is to provide hostel facility at a reasonable cost. We understand that in order to fulfill their desire to find success they need to work very hard and they deserve to have a comfortable stay in the hostel. 

ADMISSION OPEN – I & II PUC for academic year 2018-19